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Articolo interessante di Aspire Aviation sui WB del futuro. Not only did it run a flawless 2,hour, sortie flight test programme in record time, resulting in its type certificate being earnt from the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA on 30th September, For Chicago-based Boeing, this also lays bare the single biggest obstacle to maintaining and solidifying its dominance is availability, rather than being significantly challenged in technical terms. Yet there exists a contrarian view that merits consideration. Moreover, the usual seat count debate also applies to the Aneo and comparison. Airbus uses a 2-class seat configuration for the Aneo, comprising 36 business class and economy class seats, or Holding the seat ratio constant is important as business class seats, albeit in this case both in a medium-haul configuration, are disproportionately heavier than economy seats. The is able to accommodate passengers in a 2-class arrangement at the same seat ratio of Airbus goes further in alleging that a 2-class is only able to carry passengers with a

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I switch the label before I am to receive important guests at my home I read an article in Popular Mechanics which suggested the anti-bugging power of urine as an alternative to traditional wiper fluids. Been having more nasty, unsavory thoughts about Ron Popeil. The image of him standing upon the Acropolis in Athens, bearing a toga and with several of his imaginative products strewn about at his feet, will not leave my belabored mind. The progenitor of Ronco, the greatest clearinghouse of useless products every assembled. Why must I suffer?

September 17 2003

In any case, this book is a collection of short stories. It also has short stories by such author's as Michael Crichton and Nick Hornsby. Many of the stories are quite entertaining and worth the read. Short stories are so easy to read too because hence the name they are so short. Buy the book take it with you to the throne room and stay in there until you have finished a story. It will be the nicest most relaxing 20 minutes you have had all day. Plus it will make you more regular.

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